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   Uniting commerce Across Borders Since 2010.

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Since 2010 we have been helping Canadian and Latin American businesses in creating their brand presence and achive their goals. Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the latest tools needed.

With exceptional diverse professionals, we combine global knowledge and local insight to help turn ambitious goals into reality.

We have developed domain expertise in: Business Services , Business Analysis in Foreing Trade, Corporations, Real State and Technology.


We help senior leadership design and deliver transformative strategies across the entire enterprise to build long-term value for stakeholders.

Our business services include management, operational consulting, human capital , and administration assistance. The value of these services lies on timeliness, relevance, and support for the decision-making process.

We can also step in during interim periods of change by selecting exceptional resources with the right strategic vision. We ensure human capital investment is fully optimized while corporate productivity is maximized.

risk analysis in foreing trade

Obtaining the proper requirements requested by the customs authorities.

International logistics.

International trade financing.

Tariff classification.

Customs clearance.

American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Management of medical equipment.


We can help you pivot wisely to new technologies, while getting the most from your legacy infrastructure. Guiding you throughout the transformation journey, we start with a technology strategy that lays a future-ready foundation.

We then develop a roadmap for change that integrates with your workforce and business processes in a highly secure environment.

We bring you all elements to create a successful, secure digital transformation: outsourcing, online presence, blockchain, cybersecurity as well as clouds and networks.

Weather modification

Cloud seeding. This is a scientific technique that can make clouds produce more rain or snow. With proven results and advanced technology , we can help you enhance your water availability in various ways.

Some of the benefits of cloud seeding are:

    Enhancing Precipitation.

    Reducing Hail Damage.

    Clearing Fog.

You will count with a range of services, from small operations to full programs, depending on your needs and goals.  

Aircrafts equipped with FAA approved systems for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics, as well as ground-based seeding equipment and training.

Atmospheric Assessment & Evaluation Services:

* Precipitation Formation and Measurement.

* Cloud Generation and Type.

* Weather Observation and Remote Sensing.

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Real estate plays an important role in the success and livability of communities. Multifamily residences, office buildings, and entertainment venues provide the places where residents live, work and maximize their leisure time.

We create value in core properties through asset management, market research and analysis, capital enhancement advisory, as well as operational and environmental improvements.

Our real estate services are comprehensive and cover both asset- and platform-level support identifying the adequate approach to maximize real estate returns.

We also offer:

  • Purchase closings.
  • Sale closings.
  • Refinance.
  • ILA/ILR.
  • Title Change/Transfer.
  • Construction Liens.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Private lending.
  • Litigation.


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